About Us

Top Level Software Products Unlimited has been supplying bespoke software solutions to individuals and SMEs since the 1980’s. The brain-child of a (then) teenaged Adrian Hungate, it continues to strive to do what others can’t, to answer problems that have proved either intractable or not commercially viable to solve, after all, why shouldn’t we do something just because it won’t make money?

An old-school programmer, Adrian programs in over 30 language dialects, meaning that it’s always possible to find another way to solve a problem. Developing for Windows and Linux, as well as many other platforms, we won’t tell you to re-platform just because we can’t develop for your existing environment (we might advise you to do so for technical reasons though).

Everything we do is, and always has been, driven by Open Source. We believe passionately that knowledge should shared, that it shouldn’t be a commodity to be sold, or a tool used to exert control over others. As a result, by far the larger part of our work is released as FLOSS (Open Source), and you are welcome to download it! Each project has a FLOSS licence applied, perhaps your solution is already closer than you ever thought?

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